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Hi! Welcome to my Sex God Blueprint website dedicated to the product that changed my sex life. I want to share my experience with Sex God Blueprint with you guys.

What is Sex God Blueprint you ask? It is one of the most successful guides out on the market that will make you god in bed! Not just “good”… “GOD” !¬† Yes you can become an amazing bed partner with any woman of your choice starting right now!

In this Sex God Blueprint pdf eBook and mp4 video tutorials you will find sex secrets never revealed before! Read this honest review of mine and you will find details that weren’t leaked by any other source yet! I have been testing Sex God Blueprint for the last month and I will share my experince with this sex guide with you right here.

Sex God Blueprint Package

Sex God Blueprint Package

I hope you trust my judgement! I am a professional reviewer – I buy products and then I try using them.. later I write a review about these products where I describe my own experience with them (in this case Sex God Blueprint is the product in review). If you’re interested in knowing even more about me you are more then welcome to check my About Me page, where I’ve written more details about my self and my life in general.

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Sex God Blueprint Review

Here I would like to share “the Good” and “the Bad” I have encountered when using Sex God Blueprint:

The GOOD of Sex God Blueprint

The Good of Sex God Blueprint

Sex God Blueprint has 100% money back guarantee refund policy. This is very important since some products that don’t have a refund policy are 90% bound to be a SCAM. Sex God Blueprint has 60 day money back guarantee and you get back every single penny if you are not satisfied with what you get (no questions asked).

The Good of Sex God Blueprint

The content is very simple, step-by-step guide that methodologically converts you into a better lover. Easy to understand and not to much work required. It’s actually a lot about changing your personality and using tips and tricks in women company. The content will educate you about women, how they think, where are their sensitive spots and how to do exactly what their subconscious wants you to do in a specific moment. So reading women mind and having a high self esteem is critical and that’s what Sex God Blueprint will teach you.

The Good of Sex God Blueprint

Portability – What you get is either a *.pdf guide or *.mp4 video guide. You will be given numerous video guides as well as various pdf guides. You can download and put all these files to a CD or an USB device. It’s a great feature if you are going somewhere for a while and want to have the Sex God Blueprint with you.

The Good of Sex God Blueprint

Quality – The guy explaining and demonstrating stuff in the videos and also the author of the pdf manuals, Joey Jay, knows what he is talking about. He is probably a psychologist by his occupation – anyway he knows a lot about women and about how they think. I thought I knew plenty but he thought me so much more. I showed one of his DVD’s to a girl I know to see what she has to say about it. What she said was: “Good thing all men don’t have this knowledge otherwise all girls around the world would be used and manipulated by guys into sleeping with them” – She was right. This guide can be harmful to women gender if used to manipulate women into one night stands and then dumped in the morning. So I just want to say that we have to realize that women also have emotions!

The Good of Sex God Blueprint

Fun! Absolutely every step of this training program is fun. You can train your new “set of skills” on random women you meet in a bar or in school or on your girlfriend / wife and watch their reactions and behaviour as time passes. I’m telling you when I was testing this product I had a blast and so will you!

The Good of Sex God Blueprint

MOST IMPORTANT – RESULTS! – (after 1 month usage) While studying this method and practising skills I’ve learned, my girlfriend said to me one day after we had sex: “This time it was the best for me since we’ve been together!” And we have been together for 5 years. When some things become a routine and sex life becomes boring Sex God Blueprint will deliver freshness to your bed and relationship overall.

Sex God Blueprint - 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Sex God Blueprint – 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

The BAD of Sex God Blueprint

Honestly there wasn’t much that I didn’t like but one thing did bother me:

The Bad Of Sex God Blueprint

Sales page! – What I didn’t like about the sales page is that you don’t see the “BUY NOW BUTTON” until the end of cca 20 minute presentation. It’s OK to be presented about the product and well informed.. but honestly, for me it is¬†sometimes just boring to listen to presentations until the end. I usually watch for 5 minutes and after that, in most cases, I have already made a decision in my head whether I want to buy that product or not. BUT I HAVE FOUND A SOLUTION!

Do these three simple steps to avoid watching entire presentation and to be able to instantly buy the Sex God Blueprint package

1st step: Go to official sales page: CLICK HERE!

2nd step: When video starts try closing the tab in your browser. You will be asked by a pop-up window if you really want to leave the page. Click “NO, STAY ON PAGE”.

3rd step: You will be redirected to other site where you will find detailed description of the product and if scroll down to the bottom of the page there will be BUY NOW button. There, now you can safely purchase the Sex God Blueprint without watching the entire video presentation.

Sex God Blueprint - How To Skip Video Presentation

Sex God Blueprint – How To Skip Video Presentation

Sex God Blueprint Bonus

For Sex God Blueprint Bonus I want to state some obvious facts about the Sex God Blueprint:

  • This isn’t about using any bogus pills, desensitizing creams or lame distraction techniques that take all the fun out of sex.

  • This is about using PROPER PHYSICAL TECHNIQUES and SIMPLE MIND HACKS that make you stop thinking in bed. So you can last longer and actually enjoy having sex.

  • Sex God Blueprint reveals secrets that are actually used by porn-stars. Physical and Mental control tricks that male porn-stars use to keep full control even with the hottest women in the world.

  • Sex God Blueprint will teach you how to have a mindset and a confidence of a sex god!

My personal experience with Sex God Blueprint thought me that I didn’t know all about sex before. I believe I am more educated in the art of sex now. My girlfriend seems happier and I feel better about myself. Remember, this is a great tool to make progress in a relationship that has set on some kind of a routine and became a little boring. If you think you are a “know-it-all” believe me, you are most certainly not. So if you’d like to become a better sex partner and provide women / girlfriend / wife with some new and exciting adventures in your bedroom do not hesitate to purchase this great item!

I hope you liked my website on Sex God Blueprint and If you’d like to buy it just click bellow :) See you soon!

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